InterGames s.r.l. is a manufacturer and organizer of electronic games of chance.

InterGames manufactures and markets electronic games of chance, Jackpot-type game systems, MiniBonus type of game systems, illuminated signs with special lighting effects, electronic control systems for cash registers of any electronic game, and many other products, all at the professional level.

All of these products are 100% manufactured by InterGames s.r.l.

The products are characterized by a high technology, exquisite style and quality..

The loyal company group consists of highly skilled employees, representing many years of experience in the field of gaming.

Significant investments in research and innovation, combined with the ongoing study of the market allowed the InterGames company to provide service to the most demanding customers and keep up with technological changes in the field of gambling.

InterGames products include advanced design concepts, in addition to quality materials.

These products are sold directly from the company headquarters and through several distributors authorized by the company.

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